Online Star Wars

Edge of the Empire

Campaign Journal

The Story So Far…

The party arrived at the Formos Space Port, where they learned about a smuggler, Bandin Dobah, who was upsetting the balance of power in the region. A combination of a plea from a droid, a hefty bounty on Bandin’s head, and the plight of a beautiful Rodian female named Zukata caused the group to go after Bandin.

First, they took on one of Bandin’s gangs, lead by a thug named Daro Blunt. After dispatching him, they found the location of Bandin’s secret hideout, in a large asteroid.

Then, the PCs flew to Bandin’s base, took out his sentries and took him captive, rescuing Zukata’s brother in the process.

They returned Bandin to the Imperial Base on the spice mining planet of Kessel, and were promptly ripped off. The Imperials gave the group 2300 credits and a small, heavy metal cylinder that contains an encoded chip which indicates the Empire owes the party 7700 credits.


Parslip Parslip

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