Online Star Wars

Beyond the Rim
Part 1

The PCs received a summons from Reom, the president of a cybertech company called IsoTech, who also happens to have been the one to loan R2-Q7 the money to buy the Windjammer, the party’s YT-1300 Light Freighter.

The party flew to the Wheel, a large space station with a reputation of being outside of the Empire’s control. There, they met up with Reom and he told them about a lost ship, the Sa Nalaor; the ship was carrying key scientists and advanced cyber technology when it disappeared 20 years ago. Recently a message pod from that ship was recovered, which contains the last known coordinates for the ship, a jungle planet called Cholganna, homeworld of the vicious and powerful Nexu.

Reom wants the PCs to find this planet, find the wreck, recover anything of value, rescue any possible survivors and return to the junk planet of Raxus Prime to drop off whatever they’ve recovered. He requests the PCs take one of his droids, IT-3PO, who is known to many of those who were on the Sa Nalaor and can possibly help negotiate with any survivors and vouch for the PCs.

The PCs noticed someone spying on them as they left IsoTech’s offices, and so two of the party chased the spy down while the other two went to buy gear and gather information.

The two who chased the spy got into a little fight, which caused station security to arrest them. The two who went looking for information learned some things about Cholganna as well as the Sa Nalaor and IsoTech. They also learned of their companion’s arrest and were able to get Reom to have them released.

The party also learned that the Yiyar Clan wants to find the wreck of the Sa Nalaor, as does the Empire. The PCs decided to leave the station and meet up with Reom’s sister, Shira, and the droid IT-3PO, out in space. They make the transfer of IT3 (his nickname), and just as Shira jumps into hyperspace, another ship appears and begins attacking the PCs!

Edge of the Empire
Campaign Journal

The Story So Far…

The party arrived at the Formos Space Port, where they learned about a smuggler, Bandin Dobah, who was upsetting the balance of power in the region. A combination of a plea from a droid, a hefty bounty on Bandin’s head, and the plight of a beautiful Rodian female named Zukata caused the group to go after Bandin.

First, they took on one of Bandin’s gangs, lead by a thug named Daro Blunt. After dispatching him, they found the location of Bandin’s secret hideout, in a large asteroid.

Then, the PCs flew to Bandin’s base, took out his sentries and took him captive, rescuing Zukata’s brother in the process.

They returned Bandin to the Imperial Base on the spice mining planet of Kessel, and were promptly ripped off. The Imperials gave the group 2300 credits and a small, heavy metal cylinder that contains an encoded chip which indicates the Empire owes the party 7700 credits.


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